2023 Development of the Smart Photoionization Module Version 3 PIDS3 as an OEM assembly to make the excellent features of the PIM CPN easily available for other assemblies or measurement systems.
2022 Extension of the measuring range of the photoionization detector module PIM CPN
2020 Development of the photoionization detector module PIM CPN
2017 Customized development of a sensor for detection of lowest concentrations based on the Stationary Photoionization Detector SPID2
2014-2015 Development of the Stationary Photoionization Detector SPID2 with extended measuring range and simplified service options
2014-2015 Development of the Photoionization Detector Module PIM XCA
2012-2013 Development of the Portable PID as a successor product AuerPPM.
2012 Development of a 5-channel handheld instrument (a thermocatalytic sensor, 3 interchangeable electrochemical cells and a PID) with built-in cellular transmitter as well as GPS, together with our partner in Singapore.
2011 Development of the DCM including the whole concept for using the DCM as a basis for various measurement devices. (e.g. for the later Portable PID)
2010 Development of the PIDS Smart PID Moduls as OEM board to make the excellent features of the PID easily available for other boards or measurement systems.
2009-2010 Development of the ACI EDL.
2009-2010 Development of the Stationary Photo Ionization Detector SPID - sales also under a different name in the Asian region.
2008 Product development of the EDL (new ignition generator)
2008-2009 Development of CLP as a portable photoionization meter with extended measuring range (5000ppm). Distribution in Russia as Kolion 11.
2007-2008 Development of the control electronics and computer module for the humidity sensor of the humidity meter Baikal RG. Start of production 2009 in ACI GmbH.
2007-2008 Development of the CMG s a 5-channel device with thermocatalytic sensors, 3 exchangeable electrochemical cells and a photoionization detector.
2006-2007 Development of a computer module for processing cryptographic tasks for Thales Rail Signalling Solutions GmbH. Production since 2007 at ACI GmbH.
2006-2007 Development of the CSG as a dual channel gas detector (combustible gases and selectable electrochemical cells) with our Russian partner Chromdet. Distribution in Russia as DEGA.
2005 Product development to High Power EDL (ignition, lamp)
2004-2006 Hardware and software developments for the Ion Mobility Spectrometer for Dräger Safety.
2003-2004 Hardware and software development of the multi-channel measuring device ORIONPlus with different gas sensors (combustible, electrochemical and infrared) and of NDIR infrared sensors (dual beam) as well as pre-series production. The production took place at MSA Auer GmbH.
2000-2001 Development and series production of the TITAN measuring device for combustible gases (methane, propane, butane, hydrogen). The production runs since 2001 at ACI GmbH for several years.
2000-2001 Developed of the test device VCD for vacuum switches for SIEMENS AG.
1999-2000 Development and production of the photoionization tester (PPM) since 2000, distributed as AuerPPM by MSA Auer GmbH.
1996-1997 An automatic test tube pump Toximeter II was developed. It was manufactured by MSA Auer GmbH.
1998-1999 Based on the development of the TOXMETER PIDEx, the photoionization measuring device Toxmeter PID (BZS) for equipping the NBC vehicles was developed for MSA Auer GmbH for the Federal Central Office for Civil Defense and manufactured at ACI.
1996-1998 The explosion-proof version of the photoionization measuring device TOXMETER PID Ex (temperature class T6) was developed. Since 1998 the contract manufacturing was located at ACI GmbH.
1992-1996 The optical excitation module EDL 964 (electrodeless UV discharge lamp with RF generator) was developed within a contract development. The production is secured by transnational cooperation with the Russian company Chromdet (Moscow). The EDL has been manufactured by the ACI GmbH since 1996.
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