The photoionization detector module PIM CPN is an OEM module to detect volatile organic compounds with an ionization potential < 10.6 eV in standard version (optional 10.0 eV and 11.8 eV available). With its electronics and microcontroller as well as the combined humidity / temperature sensor, it provides a flexible and easy to use adaptation into your measurement system. The module comes with a built in linearization and temperature / humidity compensation and a full digital interface. The sensor chamber design comes with a barometric and flow sensor for later compensation and gas flow monitoring.




  • measuring range of up to 2 000 ppm (isobutene). Optional range up to 20 ppm as well as 5000 ppm (Isobuten) are available.
  • high performance 10,6eV PID lamp (11,8eV and 10,0eV lamps available too)
  • the PID module requires only one voltage for operation in the target system (probably the same as required for the microcontroller) 
  • the developer has the choice between UART and I2C interface to communicate with the PID module 
  • the powerful microcontroller on the sensor module relieves the main microcontroller of a lot of calculations 
  • the PID module provides compensated measurement results in ppm, so there is no need to care about the PID principle. 
  • together with the smart lamp it is possible to detect lamp replacements 
  • lamp and sensor have separate runtime counters the device software can work with 
  • together with the smart lamp, the sensor is able to detect malfunctions and protect the sensor from low flow damages 
  • the PID module and lamp are equipped with a robust micro-connector 
  • with the threaded lamp the PID module is robust enough also for portable applications 

The standard PIM CPN ionization source is a high stable hollow cathode lamp with an energy of 10.6 eV. With it's ceramic discharge channel, the stability is improved and a longer service life of up to 15 000 hours and more will achieved.

The digitale interface provides the option for reading the measurement values and different status information as well as calibration and configuration.


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