Pim.Cpn.Aci.SampleProgram 1.12.zip

To simplify the integration of our Photoionization Detector Moduls PIM CPN into the target application, we provide a simple measurement software and different small sample program with its source code in C# and also an PIM CPN Module - Raspberry Pi Pico, RP2040 written in Micro Python. 

usage hints:

  1. Connect the Photoionization Detector Moduls PIM CPN to PC
  2. Usb drivers for the special eval kit USB cable will be installed automatically
  3. A virtual COM port is available

Windows tools overview

Screen PIM CPN Sample program 

  • Pim.Cpn.Measurement     : Reads out measurement data, shows numeric values and in chart continously

sample programs overview (C#)

Cpn.Sensor.ReadData Read measurement data from device
Cpn.Sensor.ReadCalibration Read calibration values from module
Cpn.Sensor.ReadInformation Read information from module

The sample programs requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 and can be evaluated by using the COM port as parameter in the command line.
  e.g. "Cpn.Sensor.ReadData.exe COM8"

development environment for sample source code

The source code for the samples can be used without any changes in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 ( or VS 2019 Community ). Users of other programming languages can study the program flow and adapt the source code.

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